Don't let anyone fool you! We're NOT a ERC20/BSC token. and are the ONLY official websites from the DogeCash project.


Each DogeCash team member contributes unique skills that aid our project as a whole. As DOGE fans and masternode enthusiasts, we know what it takes to create a successful, community driven project. Blockchain experience is brought from past projects including Motion, Know Your Developer, Vertcoin and Digibyte. Our marketing team has contributed to the campaigns of Coca Cola, Audi, Sony Pictures and more.

Remember, as a community governed project, you are the most important team member. We are just here to guide our fellow doge!



Lead Developer


James has been programming since 2000. Many of his projects were not many things mainstream. Self taught programmer who honed his skills afterwards getting his degree in programming and network/informational security. Projects do include, servers, chat servers, web design, automation tools and cryptography tools. When it comes to crypto he dives deep and likes to chat it up with the community. Programming language include the gambit of C, C#C+, html, css, perl, php, js, java, python, masm, nasm, fasm.


Frontend Dev


Working for 20 years in web development. Being mostly a frontend dev (JS/CSS/Angular/jQuery/etc) also had some intensive experience with PHP, Perl, NodeJS, databases and various other things. Have worked on various huge projects, sites with over 1m visits per day, complex dashboards, embeddable widgets, etc. Helping Timely to develop a line of products for the past 5 years. Also making some weird electronic music as Uchu.


Internal Projects Manager


Multimedia news sites, blogs, online talk shows, forums and more. Using system administrator knowledge picked up in grade school, Ty has used these skills to self start projects and contribute to other projects. Producing successful content for nearly 12 years in news, tech blogs, and podcasts totaling thousands of views, comments and many collaborations. Also has skills in home security, recruiting, computer repair, piano, bass guitar.

Luke Larsen

Full-Stack Web Developer


Working for 7 years in Web Development. A back-end developer, with experience in front-end languages. He has extensive experience in many development languages and worked on various complex projects, which involved learning new languages or concepts and excelling at the jobs he was given.

Shib Jobs

Human Lover Doge

Shib Jobs

"Shib Jobs is a computerized bot that believes firmly to be a human. What he doesn't know is that he is in fact a Doge with a bad character that will make sure to welcome you in the worst way to our Discord. Make sure you say hi when you join"




John has a degree in Finance and is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He has worked in Finance and Accounting for 20 plus years.


Graphic designer


Solomon is a Web developer, Android developer and Graphic designer. He has a good experience in web and App development with many projects built.


Software Development


Vis has a degree in Electrical Engineering, with a specialization in Computer Engineering . He has work experience in C/C++, IoT and embedded systems.